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Interested in Organettes? Help catalog their music!
This website is dedicated to the memory of Todd Augsburger and Charlie Moore. Todd created and designed the website and over many years assembled an enormous body of detailed information, photographs, advertisements, patent documents and other materials included here relating to roller organs and the rollers or “cobs” that play on them. Following his death in 2011, the website was continued by two of his friends, Charlie Moore and Richard Dutton, until Charlie’s death in 2020. Charlie was a mechanical genius who invented a pinning machine that enabled him both to reproduce cobs and create over 500 new ones with tunes not originally on the roller organ, and his extensive knowledge of the evolution of organ design details enabled him to look at an organ and pinpoint on the spot, in some cases to the exact year and month, when it was made. The website is now being continued by Richard Dutton, whose primary interests are collecting cobs and researching and writing about the music on them. He identifies cobs with missing, partial or illegible labels by ear and his Dutton’s Roller Organ Cob Handbook (“Dutton’s Handbook”) in the Cobography section of this website contains an informational paragraph and a scarcity rating for each of the more than 1,200 cobs that were made.



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