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Todd Augsburger's
Roller Organ Store

Although our online store
is now closed,
all of the products
you've come to expect
are still available!

  Honor Rolls, Charlie Moore's new and reproduction rollers (cobs) for Grand, Concert/Chautauqua, and Gem Roller Organs

OrganetteRepair.com, Harold Draper's restoration, original and reproduction parts, and books for Autophones, Roller Organs, and other organettes
(including Todd Augsburger's book Roller Organs--The Autophone Company's 'Ingenious Mechanism'

Schmidt's Music Rolls, Ed Schmidt's reproduction music strips and rolls for Autophones and other organettes

Nancy Fratti Music Boxes, Nancy Fratti's music box repair, parts, books, and musical box mechanisms

Teánola, Nick Dean's mechanical organs, kits, and musical box mechanisms

Kevin McElhone Music, Kevin McElhone's, instruments, music, books, etc.


Thank you for your support!