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Todd Augsburger's
Roller Organ Patents

Several Patents relating to Roller Organs were granted throughout the several years of production.

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US363841_1 US363841_2 US363841_# US363841_4 US363841_5 US363841_6 US363841_7 Text US Patent 363841
May 31, 1887
Roller Organ Design
US322390_1 US322390_2 Text US Patent 322390
July 14, 1885
Roller Design
US315052_1 US315052_2 US315052_3 US315052_4 US315052_5 US315052_6 US315052_7 Text US Patent 315052
May 1, 1884
Roller Manufacturing Equipment
US196529_1 US196529_2 US196529_3 US Patent 196529
October 30, 1877
Autophone Design
US210424_1 US210424_2 US210424_3 US210424_4 US Patent 210424
December 3, 1878
Autophone Design
USRE9830_1 USRE9830_2 USRE9830_3 USRE9830_4 US Patent Reissue 9830
August 9, 1881
Autophone Design
US841424_1 US841424_2 US841424_3 US841424_4 Text US Patent 841424
January 15, 1907
Roller Organ incorporated into design by [Children's] Health Merry-Go-Round Co.