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Todd Augsburger's Roller Organ Website

Roller (Cob) Organ Survey

Please help me to establish an accurate history of Roller Organ design evolution by identifying the following features of your Roller Organ:

It's simple!  Just fill out the form below:
(Please answer only those questions which can be accurately determined.)
E-mail address: (if I need to contact you)
The Name on the Stencil is:
The Manufacturing Date is:  (This is Important! Usually stamped on the bottom.)
The Date on the Reed-Block is:
  (Optional. Requires opening the case.)
The Organ Operates By:
(Pressure has round valve holes.)
   Show Me ...
The Worm Gear on the Roller
(Cob) Shaft (on the left end) Uses:
   Show Me ...
The First Valve Lever
(on the left) is:
   Show Me ...
The Lowest Pitch is Closest to:

The Cast Iron Base is Attached with:
(Total number.)
   Show Me ...
The Cast Iron Half-Nut
(threaded portion, which meshes with the worm gear) and the Cast Iron Base are:
   Show Me ...
The Rod On Which the Valves Pivot has a:

   Show Me ...
The Knob
(on the right) Which Releases the Roller (Cob) is a:
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My "Gem" Has a Relief Valve:

   Show Me ...
My "Gem" Has a Stencil on the Front Which is:

   Show Me ...
My "Concert" or "Chautauqua" Has Side Panels Which Have a:

   Show Me ...
My "Concert" or "Chautauqua" Has an Inner:

   Show Me ...

Thank You!