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Roller Organs

Todd Augsburger's
Roller Organ Repair/Restoration

This area is offered as a  FREE  public listing of those who offer repair and restoration services for Roller Organs.
Repair services are not verified. Therefore the entire responsibility for any transaction rests entirely on the persons involved.

Harold Draper
96 Fox Dr.
St. Peters, Mo. 63376
Mechanical and case restoration service for German and American organettes. From small repair to complete restoration available with emphasis on quality and quick turn-around. Complete shop with all work done in-house.
Custom Woodworking
Ricky Diggs
19146 Stroh Ave.
Corona, CA 91719
As a Master Carver and Restorer I have been replicating and restoring mechanical music machines for the past 17 years. I specialize in carving any and all missing case parts from the smallest music box to large orchestrians. If you would like an extensive list of referals and photos I would be glad to send you my brochure.
Dawson's Antiques
Tom Dawson
Magic Barn
516 N. Ave B
Washington, Iowa 52353
(319) 653-5043
I have been restoring all types of pnumatic musical instruments for over 30 years and have done many roller organs as well as player pianos, reed organs nickelodeons, band organs and etc. I am in south east Iowa. I have many parts and can do small repairs to complete restorations.
The Great Canadian Nickelodeon Company, Ltd.
Ronald Schmuck
Rural Route # 4
Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada NOG 2LO
(519) 323-3582
Fax: (519) 323-0309
Over 28 years of full time restoration experience of all automated musical instruments, player and reproducing pianos, reed and pipe organs, band, street and fairground organs, Mills violanos, nickelodeons, orchestrions, etc. Visit our website for additional information, as well as pictures and descriptions of recent major restoration projects.
Player Piano Clinic
Jim Jelinek, prop.
14322 Beacon Ave.
Orland Park, IL 60462
(708) 403-1020
I have been doing restoration on the roller organs and various other mechanical music items for about twenty years now. I have a full player piano restoration shop and I restore reed organs as well.
Randall Anderson
222 Blackrock Rd
Houston, TX 77015
Specializing in acoustic cylinder and crank flat disc phonographs, I have done ratio gear, spring driven, vintage sound machine repairs, with 34 years experience. I use original parts whenever possible, and have lathes, drill presses, and gear cutters available for the impossible repairs. I do the phono and music box repairs for the primary antique dealers in the Houston area, and have references available.
Short Mountain Music Works
Brian Thornton
109 North Cannon Street
Woodbury, TN 37190
(615) 563-5814
I restore all types of mechanical organettes European and American. I also specialize in restoring the Harmoniums found in Swiss cylinder boxes. I have an extensive wood shop and can fabricate most of the parts.
Dajuan Antique Pump Organ Repair
Dale and Juanita
Sand Springs, Oklahoma
Repair · Restore · Refinish · Cob Organ repair · Pump Organ repair · Reed Organ repair. "Send me your cob organ, I'd be happy to make it sound like day one."