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Todd Augsburger's
Mechanical Music Links

Mechanical Music

Mechanical Music Digest (MMD), Indexed Archives and Moderated Discussion List
Music Box Society International (MBSI)
Automatic Musical Instruments Collectors' Association (AMICA)
Fair Organ Preservation Society (FOPS)
Carousel Organ Association of America (COAA)
Society for Self-playing Musical Instruments (GSM), Deutsche - English
Musical Box Society of Great Britain (MBSGB)
Kring van Draaiorgelvrienden (KVD), NL - English
Australian Collectors of Mechanical Musical Instruments (ACMMI)
British Organ Grinders Association (BOGA)
National Carousel Association (NCA)
MechaMusica (MeMu), NL - English
Music House Museum
DeBence Antique Music World
Keith Harding's World of Mechanical Music
Musical Box Museum
Musical Wonder House
Nethercutt Collection
Nederlands Boekorgel Centrum
Musical Museum
Paul Corin's Magnificent Music Machines
St. Albans Organ Museum
Musica Mecanica, Philippe Rouillé, Francais - English - Deutsch
Mechanical Music Exchange, Joyce Brite, Buy/Sell Advertisements
Bill Wineburgh, Music Boxes, Illustrations and Descriptions
Mechanical Music Press,"The Golden Age ..." by Art Reblitz, Historical Information
Mechantiques, Marty Roenigk, Mechanical Music Bought and Sold
Schmidt's Music Rolls, Ed Schmidt, music rolls for organettes, etc.
Teanola Mechanical Music, Mechanical Music, Barrel Organs & Musical Boxes. Self Build Street Organ Kits.
Antique Mechanical Restorations, Paul Manganaro, Items for sale and restorations
Regina Music Box Center, Items for sale, etc.
OrganetteRepair.com, Restoration, Items for sale
Kevin McElhone Music, Instruments, Music, Books, etc. for sale

Reed Organs

The Reed Organ Society
Robert F. Gellermann's Homepage, Incuding over 2000 pictures and a directory of catalogs
The Reed Organ Home Page, John Estell, Extensive Information